America’s Favorite Family Magic Show,

“Experience the Magic”

onTable300x265America’s Favorite Family Magic Show, Experience the Magic,” is JD Stewart MD (magic dude’s) most popular show, containing a wonderfully entertaining mix of killer “Best-Of” material.

This is an amazing magic and comedy show. The JD Stewart MD (magic dude) entertains and motivates your donors as they experience the magic.

So what exactly you see? Here’s a small taste:

  • Interactive Danger (OK not really, but its a lot of fun)
  • Elegant Sleight Of Hand
  • The Most Ridiculous (And Incredible) Feat Of Mind Reading You Will Ever Witness
  • Houdini’s Famous Chain Escape
  • To top it off JD Stewart MD (magic dude) teaches everyone how to perform a fun and amazing trick that reveals the true meaning of magic.