Weddings Balloons

Have A Wedding that is More than Nice?

Your wedding is special to you. You want it to be special to your friends and family. But let’s face it all wedding receptions are the same. If you have been to one you have been to them all.They are all nice.

What makes a nice wedding Reception?

  • Dancing.
  • Awesome music.
  • Good Food
  • Nice decorations

That is what everyone has at their wedding reception. It is nice.

When people leave a nice wedding reception. They say, “That was nice.” But they won’t remember it.

What’s wrong with nice?  Nice is not Memorable.

  • A Wedding reception like your friends had is not memorable. It is just “me too.”
  • You want to go beyond nice.
  • To be memorable you need something unique.

Balloons make it unique. Balloons make your wedding memorable.

Dancing with balloons takes your wedding reception beyond nice.

Take look at the Square Circle Productions’ Dance Floor Experience.